About PBP Foundation

Please tell us about your business.

We sell products made from organic cotton produced in India with a fund attached to them, and use the fund to support cotton farmers in India to switch to organic farming and to support their children to return to school, and to access school with scholarships. The fund also allows the farmers to grow new organic cotton and create new products. We are engaged in such a circulation business.

Please tell us about the background of your establishment.

Tatsuya Kasai, the current president of the company, was inspired by the idea that in India, where there are farmers who grow cotton, the raw material for clothing.

The earth is being seriously damaged by the large amount of chemical fertilisers, and pesticides and the harvest is decreasing year by year. 30,000 farmers commit suicide every year because of the debt to purchase pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Many children are working instead of going to school because their income is reduced and their life becomes more difficult. These facts led us to start the PEACE BY PEACE COTTON PROJECT, the predecessor of the PEACE BY PEACE COTTON FOUNDATION.

Where can I see reports on your activities?

We publish our annual report and financial report.
Please click here to view them.

About Membership

What kind of membership systems do you have?

Currently, we have two types of corporate memberships: manufacturing members and supporting members.

1)Manufacturing Member
Members can manufacture and sell PBP’s Indian organic cotton products. Currently, textile trading companies and apparel brands are members.

2)Supporting Members
This is a system for companies that do not handle apparel products to join PBP.
Membership fees and donations are required to participate in the PBP, and you can proactively participate in supporting local activities through your donations.
For more details, please click here.

How much are the admission and membership fees?

Admission fee: 300,000 yen (tax-exempt)
Annual membership fee: 200,000 yen (tax-exempt)
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What kind of companies are members?

Please see here for a list of our members.

Are there any organisations other than companies involved?

We have been working with student organisations and educational institutions such as universities.
We plan to update this information from time to time in our news topics and feature articles.

About Products

What kind of products does PBP offer?

Currently, this website introduces products from haco!
We are planning to release the products of other manufacturing members as well.
Please click here to see the products.