Directors, Trustees and Auditor

Representative Director
Tatsuya Kasai (cd. ltd)


“Do you know how many Indian farmers are committing suicide while so many clothes are being made all over the world?” This question was posed to me, a staff member of a private company, and this is what drove me to start this project. As a way to solve various humanitarian and educational issues related to cotton farming, we support the spread of organic farming methods and provide educational support to the sons of farmers. The organic connection that transcends corporate boundaries and affiliations and aims to leave a happy future to the present and future generations is the basis of this project. We look forward to your support.

Managing Director
Kazutaka Kasama (NL PLUS Corp.)


I joined the PBP COTTON Foundation in 2019 after meeting Tatsuya Kasai (current Representative Director). Being struck by the way he constantly takes action against the obstacles that he ran into, and then I thought there must be something that I may contribute. When I visited India, I saw the reality that where people were born and reside determines their life paths, and I would like to use my IT know-how to increase their future options. I am working on a project in rural areas of India to foster cotton farmers’ skill development other than cotton cultivation to create new sources of income.
I strongly hope to work side by side with the local people to come into contact with IT tools, proactively absorb knowledge from them, and become self-reliant and self-driven enough to overcome difficulties.

Executive Director
Mitsuya Inagaki (M.S.I. General Incorporated Association/TEXTILE EXCHANGE)


Namaste. I’m Inagaki. I’m always concerned about cotton farming in the supported areas. PBP COTTON Foundation’s ongoing work to increase the number of organic cotton farmers has positively affected climate change. I am very pleased to see that the people living there are becoming united to tackle suicide and poverty in their communities above all. PBP is always connected to the local communities.

Executive Director
Masae Tokushige (Shimatoworks Inc.)


Hello, my name is Tokushige. I am a board member of the PBP COTTON Foundation. Through Chetna Organic, our project partner in India, I am in charge of local communication with Indian cotton farmers and the schools where their children study. I often consider how we can work together with people in Japan to create a future for Indian cotton farmers and their children while enjoying producing and wearing Indian organic cotton products. I would like to pursue bringing smiles to the people both in India and Japan as much as I can by taking a bridge between Japan and India to promote learning and understanding each other.

Executive Director
Tamami Takeuchi (KAJI TECH CO.,LTD.)


I met Mr Tatsuya Kasai (current Representative Director) when I was working for a children’s apparel company in Kobe. Then, that connection with him inspired me to join PBP COTTON Foundation as the one in charge of Executive Director from KAJI TECH CO., LTD. It is a company of apparel subsidiary materials established a hundred years ago and has been selling apparel companies our products made in India. Therefore I am linking these two jobs of KAJI TECH and PBP to promote organic cotton products.
I wish all the people involved in PBP a happy and prosperous life!

Sales and Product Director
Takeshi Tsunekawa (F-LEAD.,LTD.)
Materials Director
Public Relations Director
Teruhisa Tanimizu


When I used to work in the editorial department of female fashion magazines, I participated in developing gloves, bags and other products in collaboration with the PBP COTTON PROJECT. In 2021, I became the planning editor for the book “Self Development Goals: A Story of Happiness Cotton in the SDGs Era”, written by Tatsuya Kasai, the current Representative Director). That led to my appointment as a board member. I am mainly in charge of public relations and PR-related tasks, such as preparing for the launch of the PR magazine and producing web content. I will constantly strive to raise awareness of our activities to seek further support.

Strategy Director
Hideki Yamauchi (Part-time Lecturer, WASEDA University)
Tadashi Hoshi (Glocal Friendship Association)


Felissimo Corporation established the Forest Foundation and has planted trees in Japan and around the world since then. In the case of India, I started a tree-planting programme with a local non-governmental organisation in 1992, and visited the area every year to deepen engagement and make inspections; this experience was put to good use when the PBP COTTON Foundation was established and the project started in India. Currently, as President of the Glocal Friendship Association, I aim to further develop relations between India and Japan through tree planting.

Kei Yamamoto


At my previous company, I was involved in a project to support organic cotton farmers in a village in India, which brought me into contact with Mr Tatsuya Kasai (current Representative Director), who was at Felissimo Corporation at the time. I am now working in a job not so much related to that field, but keeping my motive to contribute to the field, I am now involved as a trustee.

Kaoru Kashima
Articles of Incoporation